Property Refresh Services

Alongside our clearance services we offer a property refresh service, an all in 1 solution to bring a property to a saleable or rentable standard. A graded painting, carpeting and cleaning service streamlining the improvement work needed to bring property to market. Avoiding wasted time, money and stress.


Enables a property to speedily become ready for market, cutting down on council tax, insurance, utility bills.

Less Stress

The all in 1 service means no need to ring multiple tradespeople.

Pay After Sale

We offer the option to pay after a property has been sold, meaning no need for up front cash.

The refresh service is offered as a complete package with separate parts:


We offer a full cleaning service, internally and externally.


We offer a full paint through the property, to bring a property back to a refreshed level.

Carpet Fitting

We can dispose of old and fit new carpet to really give a property a fantastic refreshed feel.




“Spot on, and faster than I expected!”